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Features for high-volume, highly structured and intelligent blood work analytics intelligence.

  • Pharmaceutical Research
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Frequently asked questions

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A free account with Lab Me Analytics allows you to view and track your current test with your previous (last) test.  A full (premium) account allows you to track and view all tests to date. In addition, the premium version supports a deeper machine intelligence that looks for problem patterns and significant anomalies.

Yes.  You can edit the last test and you can delete a test if need be.  However, we don’t recommend deleting old tests as it will interfere with the artificial intelligence leading to erroneous results.

We take data from demographics similar to you and determine if you are within that populations “normal” range.  In addition, we tabulate your normal ranges using machine intelligence to seek out anomalies and statistically significant changes in your blood work over time.  This means the more you upload, the better it gets for you personally and for the world overall.

Yes, coming soon will be metabolic panels, lipid profiles, genetic sequencing, drug dosage tracking and more. At the moment we are calibrating our machine learning with the complete blood count.  

At the moment you can take photos of your home testing devices (blood pressure and  blood glucose) as well as your entire lab result, however for lab results we only monitor the CBC for now.

We expect metabolic panels to be released within a few months.

Yes, it is fully anonymous, we do not have access to any personalized data.  We take data security very seriously. All users are encoded with a randomized identification that can not be reverse engineered.  

This means that you can not be identified via subpoena or any other court order if such a situation were to arise. We do not store personal identification on our servers and no employee of the company can access personalized data.  All information is military grade encrypted.

Currently, we work on the majority of android phones.  iOS will be following in the next month.  If you have a special request please contact us.