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Predict, Track &
Store Your Blood Work Using Only A Photo

Learn how your blood work is effecting you from a new perspective. Augment your healthcare with the power of Lab Me and remove guesswork from the equation.

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What Sets Us Apart?

From early disease detection to forecasting future illness, Lab Me leverages powerful machine intelligence.  This intelligence allows us to look through huge amounts of data in a way humans can’t.

In doing so, we are disrupting early death, assisting treatment plans, & helping create better pharmaceutical research and design. Doctors don’t have the time or resources necessary to look at every patients blood work; start to end.  At the end of the day, it’s important to know the whole picture because your life can depend on it.

  • Predict Early Disease.
  • Forecast Future Illness
  • Get Second Opinions Instantly
  • Reduce Fear & Worry From Waiting Times
  • Rapid Implimentation Of Acedemic Research.
  • Localized Demographic Releases
  • Split Testing Of Research Strategies
  • Reach Millions Instantly For Hypothesis Testing

How We Are Changing
The World Faster Than Ever Imagined

Lab Me works with medical academic research teams to rapidly implement groundbreaking discoveries that dramatically add value to the end users life.  Typically, medical research can take decades to become mainstream adopted.  We disrupt that with an agile format allowing us to implement new strategies fueled by brilliant Ph.D.’s in less than 3 weeks on average.

If you have blood research that is groundbreaking and has the potential to save millions of lives, reach out to us here.

Augment Your Doctors Treatment Plans With Machine Intelligence

We wouldn't trade the stock market based on a single day's data, so why would we expect the same with our health?

To See Is To Know;
To Not See Is To Guess

Never guess or assume a treatment plan or drug is working again. Know with certainty and specificity. With just one test you can have hundreds or thousands of combinations. These combinations contain information that may show patterns of early disease or death. We augment healthcare companies in making better decisions for their patients.

Awe-inspiring Graphics Allow You To Quickly Understand The Big Picture

From a single photo of your blood test results, Lab Me delivers high-resolution graphics that cut through the jargon and go straight to the point. Like the stock market, decisions shouldn't be made on one day's data. Instead, track your blood historically in a way that saves your doctor time and effort. In this way, better treatment plans and monitoring can be done with Lab Me.

Lab Me Blood Result Sharing

Real-time monitoring & reporting, instantly at your fingertips. Even from a distance.

Create an encrypted, trusted network for sharing lab reports between loved ones or healthcare providers. If you are monitoring a loved one from a distance or traveling away from your family doctor - this solution is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question below, reach out to us and we will answer you right away.

01. Is blood work uploaded anonymous?

Yes, it is fully anonymous, we do not have access to any personalized data. We take data security very seriously. All users are encoded with a randomized identification that can not be reverse engineered. This means that you can not be identified via subpoena or any other court order if such a situation were to arise. We do not store personal identification on our servers and no employee of the company can access personalized data. All information is military grade encrypted.

02. What platform is available now? iOS/ Android or both?

Android will be available first, shortly followed by iOS and then desktop.

03. Do you track more than the CBC?

Yes, coming soon will be metabolic panels, lipid profiles, genetic sequencing, drug dosage tracking and more. At the moment we are calibrating our machine learning with the complete blood count.

04. How do you benchmark data?

We take data from demographics similar to you and determine if you are within that populations “normal” range. In addition, we tabulate your normal ranges using machine intelligence to seek out anomalies and statistically significant changes in your blood work over time. This means the more you upload, the better it gets for you personally and for the world overall.

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